Qué tendrá que ver el tocino con El Hobbit

1 junio 2006 at 0:10

El spam no deja de sorprenderme. Hace unos días esquivó mis filtros un mensaje que aparte de tratar de venderme pastillitas azules y antidepresivos varios, incluía un chiste. Al menos endulzaban el tema.

Pero ayer se me coló spam culto. O spam friki. Al final del mensaje (también de pastillitas) venía un extracto de El Hobbit, en el que Thorin Escudo de Roble le habla a Bilbo de la cota de malla de mithril (“mail” es de malla, no de correo, aunque es bastante apropiado):

“And so Bilbo was swung down from the wall, and departed with nothing for all his trouble, except the armour which Thorin had given him already. More than one of the dwarves in their hearts felt shame and pity at his going. Farewell! he cried to them. We may meet again as friends. Be off! called Thorin. You have mail upon you, which was made by my folk, and is too good for you. It cannot be pierced”.

Al poco me llegó otro, con otro extracto (habla de Bardo, el Matador de Smaug):

“realized. They gathered in mournful crowds upon the western shores, shivering in the cold wind, and their first complaints and anger were against the Master, who had left the town so soon, while some were still willing to defend it. He may have a good head for business-especially his own business, some murmured, but he is no good when anything serious happens! And they praised the courage of Bard and his last”

Y durante la tarde, un tercero, precísamente de uno de mis pasajes favoritos, cuando Gandalf atosiga a Bilbo de tal forma que para cuando éste quiere darse cuenta, ya ha empezado su aventura:

“Of course there is a mark, said Gandalf. I put it there myself. For very good reasons. You asked me to find the fourteenth man for your expedition, and I chose Mr. Baggins. Just let any one say I chose the wrong man or the wrong house, and you can stop at thirteen and have all the bad luck you like, or go back to digging coal. He scowled so angrily at Gloin that the dwarf huddled back in his”

A este ritmo recibiré el libro completo en menos de una semana. Al menos tengo que reconocer que han logrado hacerme sonreir.